Jailbreak ATV3

Snow3rd is one and only Apple TV3 jailbreak tool. Snow3rd is also compatible with Apple TV 1 and Apple TV 2. Jailbreak is the key to unleash the hidden capabilities of your Apple TV. Check below sections for Snow3rd requirements.

Snow3rd system and hardware requirements

  • Latest iTunes version.
  • Desktop PC with Windows XP or higher.
  • Apple TV iOS should be below iOS 5.0.X.
  • Compatible USB cable.

Check our demo video for better idea about Snow3rd

Benefits of Jailbreaking Apple TV3

Any Apple device has locked system and limited functions when initially issued from the seller. But the real fun is behind the door of jailbreaking. Jailbreak is the process to gain administrative privileges of Apple devices which unleash the real capability of your device. Snow3rd is the linkage between Apple TV3 and Jailbreak.

Apple TV 4 jailbreak with Pangu 9 tool

Sn0w3rd is no longer supports jailbreaking Apple TV 4. The Pangu team has released a new tool for jailbreak Apple TV 4 running iOS 9.0 through 9.0.2. Remember that this tool doesn't have user interface and there are lot more requirements too. You shuld have Apple TV developer membership, experience in SSH to the device and MAC computer with X code installed. The Pangu tool for Apple TV 4 is released only for MAC because X code is essential to run the jailbreak and X code is only works on MAC OS. Here you find a complete guide for Apple TV 4 jailbreak. Download the Pangu jailbreak kit below.

Pangu tool for Apple TV 4 jailbreak

Why do you need to jailbreak APple TV3

Jailbreak is simply unlock unlimited capabilities and features on your Apple TV 3 which is restricted at the initial purchase. Here are some of great reasons people jailbreak their Apple TV3

Customize your Apple TV with Snow3rd

Customize and edit menu. Change screen servers and many more

Install XMBC

XBMC portal changes your jailbroken Apple TV with amazing custom themes.

online resources

Gives you access to amazing media contents such as ESPN, Hulu, Last.fm, A&E, PBS, Amazon, Pandora, NBA, MTV, CBS, ABC

Surf web

Apple TV 3 jailbreak will allow you to suft internet on your device.


Control your Apple TV from your iPhone iPad or iPod